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    Article: Guide to What the Heck Has Happened, Is Happening, and Will Happen with Saab

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    It breaks my heart when I see the struggles SAAB is going through.They were such Innovators and Pioneers (not the audio company) and look what happened, so, so sad

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    I want SAAB to survive, but I fear that if the current deal succeeds, and a majority stake (between Pang Da and Youngman) is Chinese, I don't think I can ever buy another SAAB. You simply can not trust the Chinese no matter what. The Swedish factories will be under constant pressure to cut corners and save costs at the expense of such things like safety and proper function, and with this ownership structure "Swedish Automobile/Spyker won't have the ability to stop it.If this deal goes through, SAAB may or may not live, but if it does it will be a zombie SAAB, made up of poison toothpaste, melamine milk, supposedly tested at joke Chinese crash test facilities like this, but who can forget how brilliant the large Chinese Brilliance BS6 luxury sedan performed when tested in a real NCAP test...There are some products that can be made in China, or internationally by Chinese owned companies, but they have to be of the cheap trinket variety, more specifically they can not be items expected to be around small children that may stick them in their mouths, they can not be products intended for any food contact, they can not be food, cosmetic or health or medical products and they can not be any kind of vehicle.A product made in China, or made by a Chinese company can only be a product in which the worst case if it fails, or contains something poisonous is a small inconvenience (like having to go down the block to the Apple store for iPhone warranty). it can not be any product that people rely on for any kind of safety.To me "Made in China" translates literally into "beware, this product might kill you".

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