Is there any way to file a bug report with Saab?

How to reproduce.
  1. Fill an iPod with a large amount of artists, some must be band names, others must be artists with first and last names.
  2. Connect iPod via sync cable and USB to factory head unit via center console. (tested on 11 speaker Harman kardon system without nav)
  3. Switch unit to iPod mode using aux button.
  4. Once playing a song, press the menu button
  5. go to search
  6. Select "artist"
  7. turn knob fast to search by Letter.

    --- This is were it will differ depending on what artists are on your ipod, but here is how it works for me. ---
  8. I want to listen to Depeche Mode, so I turn the knob quickly to skip to D. the head unit gives me an example of D artists, but only David Bowie is listed (odd, I know I have music from many artists starting with D)
  9. I stop scrolling only to find that the head unit has highlighted David Bowie in my list, but he is sorted alphabetically with the "B"'s, not with the D's.
  10. I turn the knob fast again to try to get to the D's, but only David Bowie is there again, and when I release I'm in the middle of the B section again.
  11. The only way to get to the ACTUAL D's is to turn the knob very slowly so you don't go to "skip by letter" mode until you get to the D's the long way. (this can be very frustrating if you - like me - have a large music collection on a 160Gb iPod Classic. DEFINITELY don't try this while driving.)
  12. If while doing this you accidentally turn the knob too fast, you have to start over.

So, the root cause here appears to be that the system tries to be smart and sort artists with first and last names, by their last name, but the letter skip function (when you turn the dial quickly) doesn't do this, and instead sorts them by the first letter in the artist tag.

These two subroutines need to be homogenized so they treat artists the same way. Which way, I don't particularly care.

This could potentially be a rather serious bug, as a driver could try to do this while driving, and become distracted from the road, causing an accident.

The system is supposed to minimize distractions, not create them.