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    Swedish Car Day - Brookline, MA - August 28-29, 2010


    The 11th annual Swedish Car Day is scheduled to take place at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA on Sunday, August 29.

    This year's "day" has actually been extended to two days, with the first day (Saturday, August 28th) consisting of driving instruction with In Control Crash Prevention Training. In Control and its race-bred instructors will put participants through their exciting half-day program. This will include instruction in ABS braking technique, steering control by way of a slalom, tailgating and backing demonstrations, and the very exciting 60 mph lane change maneuver, also known as the “moose avoidance maneuver” in Sweden. The driving instruction will take place in Saabs and Volvos and will be presented at the South Weymouth Naval Air Station.

    The second day will consist of the the Swedish Car Day show in Brookline. It's the event's first summertime SCD, and special guests will include Steven Wade (from SaabsUnited) and Dave Burnham, who will be showing his 1971 Volvo 142 GT, a totally unique Volvo.

    Registration for SCD and the In Control driving instruction is open now!

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS]Our other speaker will be Steven Wade, known to Saab enthusiasts around the globe as “Swade,” the oracle of www.saabsunited.com. We are honored to sponsor his trip to Boston for Swedish Car Day, all the way from Hobart, Australia. For those who watched the melodrama of Saabs near death and resurrection over the past two years, it was Mr. Wade who seemed to have all the best inside information which kept us on the edge of our seats. When things looked dire, it was Mr. Wade who banged the drum loudly and encouraged the Saab faithful to rally together and create “SAVE SAAB” events, and those events resonated so loudly that those with the ability to save Saab…..did! That he was present at the signing ceremony transferring Saab from GM to Spyker speaks volumes, and it is without hyperbole that we can state that after Victor Muller, he has been the single most significant player on the Saab scene in the past two years. Come by to welcome, and thank, Mr. Wade!

    They have a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Swedis...0563997?v=wall

    On SaabsUnited: http://www.saabsunited.com/2010/06/s...ston-baby.html

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