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    Power steering fluid change

    Hey All, I recently saw this post by N.E.Swede on another forum referring to draining your power steering fluid:
    "If it will split, there's a joint at the subframe (right front) that will drain that system pretty well."

    Can any of you shed any light on where this "joint" is, how to get to it and how to get it open?
    I'd like to change my power steering fluid and don't like the turkey baster method...

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    If you remove the front splash shield (the one that runs under the front bumper, you should be able to see the line junction. They usually come apart pretty easy, but be careful and soak the joint in penetrating oil. A set of line wrenches is your friend.

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    2011 Saab 9-3 Aero XWD Performance by Hirsch "Wolffe"



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