Hey guys, I've used this site to read a lot of posts but never posted anything. Well here is my issue.

2002 9-5 2.3t Linear - Automatic
I recently had my transmission build from an Indie Mechanic shop, and the guy who rebuilt it is no longer there.
The symtoms I'm experiencing are,
1. Not being able to drive in "D". I have to drive in first gear "L" ( it actually says L not 1, I don't know why)
If I attempt to drive in "D" it has no torque and take a long time to push forward just a little.

2. There is some sort of leak under the car. I checked the smell of it, and it smells kinda like transmission fluid but I've noticed that my coolant and window washer fluid tanks both are nearly empty after 3 days. So it could be either of those three, I suspect a mixture of the 3.

When I got the car back I found these two issues and took pictures of the open nipple, and the plugged Vacuum lines I saw. The Vacuum line that has the bolt plugged into it comes off of a T connector, and the main line comes off of the heater solenoid ( I believe, not positive.) Someone told me it could be my Solenoid, but After through research the only solenoid I can find is my heater solenoid which someone else told me was okay.

So I'm in a little stump here guys, I really don't know which way to go or what to look for. I can't find a diagram for the vacuum lines so I can reconnect everything. ANY advice is very welcomed. Thanks.

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