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    9-4X roof-rack crossbars

    I have a 2011 Saab 9-4X Aero. Does anyone know anything about the availability of roof-rack crossbars for the 9-4X? Frank recently posted that he used the crossbars from his 2005 9-5, but I'm curious to know if they are a perfect match for the 9-4X or simply an acceptable alternative that will have to do for now. If anyone has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate knowing where you purchased the crossbars, how they are installed/removed/adjusted, and if they leave any markings on the roof rails. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, advice, or experience(s).

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    If you've got the roof rails (I thought all 9-4x's did) you can just get the thule rack that is meant to clip on existing roof rails. My brother has it for his Passat wagon, and it's great. Hasn't left a mark and we use it all the time (on and off, on and off) for mountain biking, skiing, or if we need to throw some lumber or something on the roof. It's basically a main rubber mount, that has a strong rubber strap wrap around the cars roof rack. Takes about 2 or 3 minutes to put on with someone, or maybe 5 to do by yourself. I'm sure a SUV will be a bit trickier as it's higher, but I doubt it would be hard.

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    The roof bars of the 9-5 are a pretty good fit on the 9-4X. Not perfect but more than reasonable. I can't remember where I bought mine but they can be found at any Saab parts dealer like here:
    Roof rack, standard, square, w/roof rails (99-09 9-5 Combi), Saab USA Parts.com

    I think these are made by Thule. They have a configuration on their website which includes the 9-4X. However, those seem quite a bit more expensive. I paid about $80 many years ago and they now go for about $115.

    Mine are installed by sliding out the ends and turn to tighten so the feet will grab on to the crossbars. It only takes a few minutes to put them on. I have used them a few times on mine and they didn't leave any marks on the 9-4X roof rails.

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