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    same as above.
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    In regards to parts... this message is as is on Saab USA Parts homepage:


    Saab Cars North America has announced it is in the process of finalizing a sale of existing Saab parts to subsidiary Saab Parts North America. This has caused an immediate, but temporary halt to the distribution of Saab parts within the United States. PLEASE NOTE: Not all parts listed on the website are currently in stock. ITEMS YOU ORDER MAY HAVE TO BE ORDERED FROM SAAB AND THE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY SHUT DOWN. All orders received will be processed immediately and shipped when parts are available. We expect this disruption to only last a few days. IF YOU ARE CONCERNED WITH PLACING A TIME SENSITIVE ORDER


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    Press release: Saab Automobile Parts AB forms new subsidiary in the USA

    • Saab Automobile Parts AB launches new subsidiary in USA and Canada
    • New company will be responsible for supply of Saab Genuine Parts into North American market
    • Technical support and other services will be offered to ensure Saab expertise is available in North America
    • New company commence operations in June

    Saab Automobile Parts AB has formed a new North American subsidiary. The new company, North America Distribution Services Inc., trading as Saab Automobile Parts North America, is incorporated in all 52 states in the US and will be headquartered in Michigan. The company will also manage the operations in the Canadian market.

    North America Distribution Services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saab Automobile Parts AB, the global provider of genuine parts for Saab cars. It provides some 1 200 workshops around the world with Saab Genuine Parts, accessories and technical support. Saab Automobile Parts AB remains outside the bankruptcy process for the vehicle manufacturing company and continues to trade normally, servicing the global network of Saab Authorized Repairers and service partners.

    "Today there are around half a million Saab cars on the roads in North America - the largest fleet of Saabs in one single market in the world. Our establishment in North America will secure support to Saab owners in the USA and Canada and ensure they have access to Saab Genuine Parts, service programs and technical support", says Lennart Sthl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

    The establishment of a new USA subsidiary is the latest action as Saab Automobile Parts AB works to ensure Saab owners around the world have access to a full range of professionally delivered aftersales services. The company recently signed an agreement to use Saab Automobile’s press and body shop to manufacture replacement body parts. A second agreement was also signed to acquire a large number of fully assembled parts and other car components. The company also recently signed new contracts with key suppliers and these are all steps in a comprehensive program to ensure a good supply of spare parts for Saab cars, both on short and long term.

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    Renato Piereck
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    That is excellent news for those who have been wondering about this issue for a while. Maybe the price of DICs will drop a bit (although I doubt it!).

    What are the 52 states? Maybe they're including Puerto Rico and Guam as "states" even though their legal status is different. But then what about SAAB owners in the Virgin Islands, Samoa, and Northen Marianas? (if there are any...)

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