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    Interior Madness!!!

    2002 9-5 2.3T

    Air conditioning on the passenger side blows hot air.

    Information center is dark.

    No they did not happen all at once.


    Please give me some ideas as to whether this intermediate diy/advanced tinkerer can fix it or what am I looking at from an expert, independent mechanic.

    And, by the way, the user who put those instructions for changing the serpentine belt is my choice for President for Life!!! I read and printed it before I joined, so I will have to go back and find his handle and drop a load of gratitude on him.

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    By the information center, do you mean the SID or the ACC panel?

    Sounds like the blend door is stuck/broken for the AC problem. If the ACC panel is still good, hold the "Off" button and the "Auto" button (maybe it's just press them?) at the same time. You should get a code number that pops up. If it shows a number 6-14, it means a problem with the flap. 8 is the most common. This will fix most (and probably yours) of them.
    SAAB 9-5 ACC 08 Error Code; Blend Door & Stop Arm Repair | Econmancer

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