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    BSR Exhaust

    So I got my BSR exhaust installed finally. It's a bit different than I expected. I've been waiting for it to arrive for a month an a half from GenuineSaab (and they had to wait to get it from Sweden), so as soon as I got it I didn't even open it. I just took my car to the shop to get it put on. Normally I'd do the install, but exhaust isn't my thing. Especially when the one coming off is because of rust.

    Well, when I first saw it on, I was a bit disappointed. It looks a bit like a big fart can on the back. I'll take some pictures hopefully tomorrow when it's light out. Second, is that even though it is listed as a "Catback" exhaust, it didn't include a flex pipe or flex pipe replacement! I bought this because my flex pipe was rotting out. A bit dissapointing, as a new one cost me nearly $250... so this exhaust I was expecting to cost about $400 suddenly jumped 50% in price. Am I incorrect in assuming that a catback exhaust would include everything from the catalytic converter, back?

    After driving it around it redeemed itself though. Sounds great. Nearly no, or very little change at idle. So I may look like a riceball at stoplights, but at least I don't sound like one. Step on it, and it just sounds very good. No deep drone, or fake low-ness. Just the real exhaust a bit clearer than before. Performance feels a bit better, but I can't really know as I didn't take data before (or after) the install.

    Overall I probably wouldn't have gone this route again. The size/appearance is my fault I'll admit, but the picture doesn't show it on the car. No excuse, but hey. The lack of the flex pipe was the biggest disappointment, as it took a bunch of my money unexpectedly. Hopefully driving it around for a couple days can change my mind.

    In the mean time... anyone know how to make the tail pipe look a bit smaller or less pronounced?

    And someone please correct me if I'm wrong in assume that a catback exhaust would include a flex pipe. After all, it is back behind the catalytic converter.

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    I would probably have to agree. I have the dual for my 9-5 wagon and it was an episode trying to get it to fit. It now looks like it is a solid 90% correct, but I think next go around just having a company custom install a dual.

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