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    Per Eklund and colleague Andy Scott is starting a new Saab rallycross team in the US

    Per Eklund and colleague Andy Scott is starting a new Saab rallycross team in the US, X-games is a part of the american rallycross series. Per Eklund and Andy Scott has started the new team Scott-Eklund Racing to drive the whole Global rallycross championship in the US. Per Eklunds job is easier now, he is going to take care of the team and Andys job is to drive and finance the team. Per Eklund is soon going to ship his two Saab 9-3 rallycross cars to the US, together with big trailers, for them to transport the cars around the states.
    The Nwt.se article

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    Thumbs up Dang, I would love to see Per's car up close and in motion!

    Sadly, this is like arriving at the party as all the guests are departing.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that was needed half a dozen years ago. It was also in my opinion the first thing Muller should have been working at! Getting Saab exposure on Saturday afternoon TV in track events.

    Here in the US, we were for better or worse one of Saab's strongest markets (though on a per capita basis it was probably UK), and once the rally heritage faded, what was there? Nothing, zip and zilch and nada, to make a performance connection with the masses.

    No, the "Griffin" was too agressive and no more Bjorn From Jets since that too was militaristic and we all know "intellectuals, school marms and card carrying sociologists, were going never going to buy a car because it had the image of a comfortable pair of sensible shoes just like Mom made you wear.

    One of my big regrets was missing Per Eklund when he was at our South Jersey Motor Sports track last year.

    So, I have mixed emotions about this since it should have topped the agenda a few years ago. But .... better late than never

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