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    Are there owner’s manual online for 9-5NG or 9-4X?

    Would like to read oil quality page for 2.8T under very cold climate.

    Will Motul 8100 X-lite 0W-30 be all-right? It is ACEA A3/B3/B4* oil, but it does not have any SAAB / GM approve.

    I want exactly 0w-30 viscosity for safest cold starts and low resistance at operate temperature.

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    The 9-4X manual specifies the Dexos 1 spec. It's a newer spec and replaces the older GM-LL-A-025. According to the manual, the best viscosity rate to use is 5W-30 and it doesn't recommend to use any other grades. For Cold Temperature Operation, 0W-30 should be used.

    As A3/B3 was always safe to use and recommended in other Saab engines (which specified GM-LL-A-025), it seems it should be safe to use in the 9-5NG and 9-4X as well.

    I haven't seen any online manuals for these models yet.

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