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    Rear windshield washer doesn't work

    My rear windshield wiper wipes but does not squirt, how would you go about troubleshooting it? My front windshield wipers squirt so it probably isn't the water pump right?

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    The 9-5 has two pumps, one that feeds the headlamp washers/rear window washer (upper pump) and another that feeds just the windshield washers (lower pump.) Not uncommon for a pump to burn out with age or to overwork itself and pop a fuse. First thing I would suggest maybe is to simply fill up fluid and pull back on the washer stalk with the lights on to see if you get anything out of the headlamp washers. That'll at least tell you if the pump itself is working. From there if the h/l washers are spraying you know the pump is working and that maybe the rear nozzle is clogged/blocked somewhere. If you're not getting any fluid, then the chances are the pump is not working and you need to figure out why. If someone has a copy of WIS, maybe post a copy of the wiring diagram or component location?

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    2011 Saab 9-3 Aero XWD Performance by Hirsch "Wolffe"

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    This is all information from the WIS: http://saabworld.net/f29/saab-9-5-wa...n-system-1017/

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