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    Angry steering lock switch

    Quote Originally Posted by 900EMS View Post
    Hi Alan: Not that I'm doubting your problem, I'm wondering if per chance a couple of the buttons on your key fob are being pressed inadvertently. The buttons are far too sensitive as I find myself occasionally opening the trunk (boot), setting off the alarm or engaging the "where's my car?" horn alert. I can't offer you any advice on the steering wheel lock other than from a couple of members on the Facebook 9-5 page that have been without their cars for extended stretches because of it. Is the steering wheel lock unique to Saab or was it used in other GM vehicles? None of this may help you but good luck nonetheless.
    Hi 900EMS,
    Definately not the key buttons. The first incident keys no where near the car Subsequent incidents are random. I am not sure if this was a GM sourced part or whether unique. Someone will surely know. Maybe they are keeping their head down!!!

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    Hi Alan
    After we had the software upgraded across all computers the steering wheel lock issue seemed to rectified.........however it occur again not long ago and by coincidence the driver front seat heater died. The heater stopped working. Anyhow the dealer spoke to the factory in Sweden and they said it is odd that the software upgrade failed to rectify the steering wheel lock issue. As the factory said it is the correct fix. So they told the dealer to replace the cars CPU as it may have been faulty which they did. This did not rectify the seat heater failure though. So they replaced the heater pads and heater CPU module. All work fine now. The factory thinks the electrical fault in the heater pads cause an issue with the steering wheel software upgrade in the original car CPU. ......... A bit of a convoluted story.

    The factory is confident with the software patch for the steering wheel lock. So I suggest you get the guys to look at any electrical faults or see if the can replace the car CPU as it may be affected by an unrelated electrical fault.

    Anyhow a bit more insight for you. Let us know how you go,


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    saab 95 ng sterring column lock module temporary solution

    Hi Guys, I just got this problem with my 95 NG '11 and started to look on the net for a solution.
    The one I got from Opel Ampera users was to take out a fuse which was responsible for the lock module...
    I found that in Saab it's in the engine compartment fuse box under the number 57, when I took it out the car started up.
    At the moment I drive it without the fuse and the car works except the service steering column lock message...

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