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    Saab 9-3 valve cover leak

    Recently I noticed after driving my Saab for a while i would smell oil burning, when I checked under the hood there was oil dripping from the valve cover. How do I replace this?

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    Depending upon the engine, there may be plug where the distributor comes out of on a non-direct ignition car -- these tend to leak. Tightening the bolts on the value cover might address the leak. Taking off the valve cover, and re-tightening the head bolts (to correct specs, in correct order) is something that's needed on some of the older NG900's. Taking of the valve cover for inspection and adding a small bit of sealant (hylomar, for example) might also take care of a leak without buying a new gasket (sort of expensive). Also, check the PVC line going to the throttle body. Maybe this will help . . .

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