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    Mysterious oil consumption

    So about 3000 miles ago I changed the oil. I put the correct amount of oil in (4.25 qts, cause I use a slightly taller filter). When I checked the oil today it was on the very bottom of the dipstick. Once I'd changed it I only got 3 qts back out. I can only see the typical leaks, little around the valve cover, etc. Nothing that would be a quart. No blue smoke out the back, even if I whomp the throttle. Any thoughts on where my oil is disappearing?

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    The oil filter can soak up quite a bit of oil. However, a quart seems a bit excessive. Where was the level on the dipstick right after you changed it? If I remember correctly, the difference between the low and high point on the dipstick is 1 quart.

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    Start filling with 4.5QTS first of all... the 2.3L needs a little more then the 2.0L engine.

    Oil Pump/Crank Seals Leak
    Oil Pressure Senders Leak
    Valve Cover Gasket (inside and outside) Leak
    Timing Chain Tensioner Seals Leak
    Headgasket Corners Leak
    Add this up over 3,000 miles and I'm sure there's more than a QT....

    Your car has a leak somewhere if it's not smoking. (They all leak)



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