Items listed in this database are to be used as a guide only to provide a "quick fix" for the specific item and model listed. If an item fits the description of the particular model/complaint a technician is working on, perform the suggested "fix" prior to contacting TAC.

08/12/2005 Key will not turn to LOCK position, 9-3 Sport Sedan and CV models with automatic transmission
A customer compaint that the they will not turn to the LOCK position may indicate a problem with the SLM (Selector Lever Module). On automatic transmission cars, the PARK signal must be received by CIM before the key is released to the LOCK postion. Currently, this signal is not readable by Tech2. To verify an SLM fault for this complaint, perform an ADD function to CIM, selecting Manual Transmission instead of Automatic transmission. If the SLM circuit is the fault it will then be possible to turn the key to the full LOCK position. Contact Technical Assistance Center for additional information concerning diagnosis of this condition that is not included in WIS.

After the condition is corrected be sure to reprogram CIM for an automatic transmission to prevent key removal in positions other than PARK.

02/25/2005 Check tire pressure warning appearing on SID
If a customer complains of a tire pressure warning message appearing on SID and the tire pressure is at the recommended value, perform an ADD function on the TPMM with Tech2 116.000 or later version. This Tech2 version will widen the parameters for setting the tire pressure message which will allow in normal temperature or altitude changes that can affect tire pressures.

02/21-2005 Complaint of knocking noise over bumps from rear suspension, 2003-2004 9-3 Sport Sedans
A complaint of a knocking noise from the rear suspension over harsh bumps such as speed bumps can be addressed by replacing the rear shock absorbers with units from the 2005 model Sport Sedan. For 2005 the valving was changed to address this condition. This condition is more likely to occur during cold weather.

Part numbers for the correct shock absorbers are: Standard suspension: 127 56 986; Sport suspension 127 57 624.

12/9/2004 Complaint of intermittent operation of remotes, 2003-4 Sport Sedans and CV's
A problem with the internal circuitboard in the remote can cause an intermittent complaint of the remotes being inoperative. Replacing the remote will correct the problem. An updated remote was introduced into production @ VIN's 46019651 and 41063613. To identify an late style remote, remove the hard door key from the remote and locate the numbers imprinted into the end, under the hard key. A series of numbers (example 316-C-309) will be seen, the first in this series of numbers identifies the build date of the remote (316 in the example). A number higher than 425 indicates an improved remote.

11/16/2004 DTC B2500 04 Microphone missing or open circuit, 2005 9-3 equipped with ICM3 in-dash navigation system.
A 2005 9-3 with ICM3 may show a BCM DTC of B2500 04 when DTC's are read with Tech2, no messages are seen on SID.
Check the wiring connector at the microphone in the roof panel. There are two microphone connectors available, one with three wires another with two. For te US market, the two-wire connector should be used. Early 9-3's may have left production with the incorrect 3-wire connector connected, changing to the two-wire connector will eliminate the DTC

8/4/2004 Anti-pinch sunroof kicks back open when closing 2003- 9-3 Sport Sedan
The anti-pinch function may cause the sunroof to kick back open when closing due to slight increase in load. If this happens when sliding closed, try lubing the wind deflector pivots, if this happens when tilting up and back down, try lubing the rain tray linkage. If the problem continues, the software will need to updated with a future release of the TIS 2000.

This software is available on TIS 2000 edition 2004-3 with Tech 2 version 112.000. Just SPS and add the SRM and then recalibrate.

6/15/2004 Odometer stays on when key is removed 2004 9-3 Convertible and Sport Sedan
You may notice the odometer stays on when the key is removed, this will go out when the doors are locked. The odometer will come back on when the doors are unlocked again. This is normal operation for later 2004 models. You may also notice there is no longer lights in the ignition switch and the CD player, this is also a change for model year 2004.

6/10/2004 Wipers inop, washers inop and wipers will not park 9-3 Convertible and Sport Sedan
If you have a customer concern with the wipers not parking, the intermittent wipers inop and washers not working, this can be caused by a faulty park switch in the wiper motor. Replace the wiper motor assembly.

4/02/2004 Car cannot be locked or unlocked with the remote, DTC B3114 00, B3115 00 is set in CIM
The code will be set if the remote is used (buttons pressed >250 times) outside the reange of the car or if the remote looses power supply for a short period.

Remote needs to be calibrated to the car, this occurs after the key is inserted and the ignition has been switched to the ON position.

4/02/2004 Car can not be locked, no DTC's intermittent condition
Check ISM and make sure the plunger in the bottom is coming up when the key is removed. If it stays in the depressed condition, replace the ISM. Do Not lubricate

Cars affected: 9-3SS 41008968-41033108, 9-3CV 46002493-46009374

4/02/2004 Message in SID, DTC C0547 04 set in CIM
Follow fault tracing procedure in WIS, if no fault found, SPS CIM with latest software, TIS 2004-1 or later.
CIM software improved after VIN 31048252

2/23/2004 The Sunroof kicks back open when closing in cold weather.
All model year 2003 Sport Sedans and model year 2004 Sport Sedans with the touring package are equiped with anti-pinch sunroof protection. In cold weather the roof may expirence too much load when closing and kick back open. When this happens the customer only needs to press and hold the windon lockout switch, at the rear of the driver's window switch pack, while closing the roof with the sunroof button. This should be considered normal operation in cold conditions.

Discription of this procedure can be found in the owner's manual on pg 104 for model year 2003 and pg. 122 on model year 2004

12/30/2003 Installation of snow tires and wheels on 9-3 Sport Sedans or Convertibles with Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMM)
If 4 snow tires mounted on wheels that do not have the tire pressure transmitters are mounted to a customers car, a SYSTEM FAILURE message will be displayed on SID.

Using Tech2 with version 110.000 or later add the TPMM normally. The TPMM will now disable the Tire Pressure Monitor system when the system detects no transmitters are installed.

In the spring, when the normal wheels, with transmitters, are re-installed, the system will operate normally and no further programming will be necessary.

12/30/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan Remotes will not work
If a customer reports that both of their remotes suddenly stopped working, first try removing fuse 2 for the CIM from the fuse panel on the end of the dash and re-install it. If normal remote function returns, SPS program the CIM using software from TIS version 2003-4 or later and using Tech2 version 108.5 or later.

In the TIS release notes, this is referred to as "Fix for remote control Hungarian". This software covers several different CIM part numbers and should cover all CIMs.

12/30/2003 CIM replacement tip
Before you install the new CIM, unplug the harness from the original CIM, plug in the new spare part CIM and let the new CIM hang from the harness.

Using Tech2, select DIAGNOSIS > ALL> SERVICE> CHECK IGNITION KEY STATUS. If you can read the key status the new CIM is OK to install and program to the car. If you get a "Negative Response" when you try to read the key status this spare part CIM is corrupt and you will not be able to ADD to the vehicle. Order another CIM from spare parts.

10/07/2003 2004 9-3 Convertible Comfort Close and Anti-Pinch feature
M04 convertibles will have Comfort Close and Anti-Pinch windows only if equipped with the Touring Package. The Touring package can be identified with Rain Sensing Wipers, Saab Parking Assistance (SPA) and inside Auto-Dimming Rear View mirror with compass/garage door opener.

These cars can also be identified with s 2-step up position window switch.
All regular production M04 convertibles have the Comfort Close and Anti-Pinch feature on front windows only.
To properly program the Comfort Close feature refer to the latest version of WIS.

10/07/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan Brake pads 12803551
Note that when installing these pads to address a brake squeak complaint, the INNER pads are directional and are marked with an arrow on the back side of the pad which should match the forward rotation of the rotor.
If the inner pads are installed incorrectly the customer may continue to experience front brake squeal.

10/07/03 9-3 Sport Sedan Faulty Distance to Empty (DTE) reading
To address customer complaints of low DTE readings that do not correct after fuel tank fill-up, perform the ADD function for both the MIU and ICM using Tech2 version 107.000 or later.

Sport Sedans built after VIN 31043547 have improved software to address this complaint

9/12/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan all remotes inoperative, no codes stored, can start and drive car.
Remove and refit fuse F2 in the IPEC, this should bring the CIM back to normal operation and correct the condition.

9/12/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan door speaker sounds blown or distorted.
SPS program the EHU, add the EHU then add the AMP1. If the problem persists contact the Technical Assistance Center.

8/18/2003 All models, difficulty programming a new Air Bag Control module
Prior to installation and programming of an air bag control module (ACM) in a vehicle that has had an airbag and/or seatbelt pre-tensioner activation, all deployed airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners must be replaced.

8/18/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan SID replacement
After replacing the SID the ADD function for the ICM must be performed in order to insure proper function of the SID display lighting.

8/18/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan A/C blows cold on driver's side, warm on passenger's side
Check the system charge as the system gets low on refrigerant the evaporator will become warmer on t/he passenger's side first.

8/18/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan manual seat adjuster cable breaking
There has been a change in the manual seat adjuster cable, p/n 13100008, after VIN 31059241. The new cable has a cylinder molded to the end of the cable instead of the crimped ball of the earlier designed. The part number has not changed but the replacement cable is of the new design. Replacing the cable with the new design is the correct repair procedure for earlier cars.

8/5/2003 All models, checking for parasitic draw for dead battery complaint
After 30 minutes, the parasitic draw for all 1999 and later Saab models should be below 20 milli-amps. If the draw is OK, recheck again every hour or so throughout the day.
This is easily done using a battery knife switch that can be obtained from most RV dealers. Connect the knife switch to the negative battery post with the ammeter across the switch. Keep the knife switch closed except when actual draw readings are being read. This will insure normal current is available to all systems while time is passing.

8/5/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan Driver's power memory seat will not move
Check if the RLDM (Rear Left Door Module) is operating normally (does the left rear door window or lock function?). If not, unplug the left rear door connector and reconnect, this should bring the RLDM back on-line and correct the condition. Experience has shown that this is a permanent fix and will not return.

8/5/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Driveability problems occurring on right-hand turn.
Check wiring harness from the H42-2 connector leading towards the cabin, making sure it is not being pinched between the end of the transmission and sub-frame. Biggest risk is on automatic transmission cars.

8/5/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Water on rear floor after car wash or heavy rain
Remove door panel trim on that side and check the water/vapor barrier seal, add butyl tape to reseal as needed.

8/5/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Tip before swapping O-Bus units
Be sure to check both power and ground connections at each unit before swapping any units.

7/28/03 All 9-3/9-5 models, Cabin Fan noisy at certain speeds
Most likely cause is defective cabin fan speed controller

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Any TCM code that returns right away after deleting.
Perform "ADD" function on TCM, test drive and recheck codes

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Any pedal potentiometer code or fuel gauge drops while driving
Example codes: P2121 00, P2211 00, P2123 00, P2124 00, P2125 00, P2126 00, P2127 00, P2128 00, or P2138 00
Always start by checking connector H42-2 by disconnecting and pushing on each pin (both male and female sides) looking for a loose pin.

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Cannot SPS EHU during OnStar installation
First perform "ADD" function on ICM then request the information for SPS.

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Error message when performing "ADD" function on ICM, Tech2 displays -2002
ADD BCM, then retry ICM

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Radio will not turn on, SID displays trip functions, no radio functions
Check for O-Bus breaks, if none found start swapping O-Bus components with a known good car. CU_AMPS, AMP2, AMP1, EHU, CDF/CDCF until the radio comes on. No need to REMOVE or ADD for this test. Note: CU_AMPS and CDF/CDCF can be bypassed by jumping the O-Bus at the connector.

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, B3622 05 in CIM, horn only works after short delay—9-3 Sport Sedan without Steering wheel shift controls
Perform ADD function on CIM and select NO for Sentronic controls

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, SID readout dim,
Perform ADD function on ICM

7/28/03 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Passenger seat belt message on SID when seat not occupied
May be temperature sensitive and not present at cooler temperatures. Loosen seat bottom trim to access pressure sensitive switch, rotate switch 45 degrees clockwise.