As some of you may know, I've been dissatisfied with the performance and efficiency of the stock LH 2.2 fuel system on my car. I've been doing some research into non-invasive improvements. One thing I've looked into is new injectors. The stock LH 2.2 N/A injectors are pintle-type, with EV1 design architecture, part number 0-280-150-711, with a flow rate of 200cc/min and 15.9ohm impedance.

The OE pintle type injectors don't have the best atomization.
They can be identified by their part numbers:
Their nozzles look like this:

So, for possible upgrades, I am considering a set of "disk" injectors. These have a perforated disk in front of the pintle to aid in atomization, producing a better spray pattern and more complete fuel-air mix, which will hopefully aid in low-rpm performance and idle.

Among disk-type injectors, there are two types of injector design architecture. EV1 injectors have a metal body, with which you are all familiar as the classic 900 and 9000 injector, and EV6 injectors have an all-plastic body. People say the EV6 injectors respond faster and more uniformly, and also atomize better.
EV1 on left, EV6 on right.

The first style of disk injector has the EV1 architecture, so it looks just like what you all have in your cars. These can be found on the 2.1L N/A c900, as well as the DI-equipped 9000s. The 2.1L injector (which matches the flow-rate of the 2.0L injectors) has a single hole in the disk, and the Trionic-5-equipped 9000 injectors (with higher flow) have 4 holes.
They can be identified by their part numbers, shared with the EV1 architecture:

The second style of disk injector I'm considering using is an EV6 injector from a Ford. I've seen some BMW websites where 3-series owners have replaced their pintle-type EV1 injectors with these, and report significant drivability and efficiency increases. Even the lower flow injectors (same flow as 2.0 stock injectors) have four holes.
They can be identified by their part numbers and EV3 architecture:

So, to conclude, more holes mean more atomization, and anything's better than the pintle-type injector. They should all be plug-and-play with my fuel rail, manifold, and engine. My friend Ian will send me some 2.1L injectors, and I'm still looking for a set of Ford EV6 injectors to try out. They're REALLY expensive! $100 will buy me a set! It's too bad I don't have good junkyards in my area.

Does anybody know where to get used Ford parts around New England?
Also, does anybody know any more about which ones to get? Looking at this flow rate chart, I see there are about 10 different EV6 injectors with 200cc/min flow, all used on different Ford engines. I wonder what the differences are...

I'll keep you posted on how this all goes!