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    Replacing just the 6x9's in an AS3 system

    Hello all,

    I'm entirely sure if this is where I should post this, but here goes..

    I've recently ventured into the world of Saab due to inheriting an 2004 9-5. I love the car, and for a stock system, the sound is pretty nice. I've been trying to read everything I can about the complex systems that make up our audio, but I can't really find an exact answer to my question. At some point, I'll take on the major task of head unit replacement and all, but I can live with the stock unit until it gets a bit warmer here. So, to my actual question: Has anyone just replaced the rear deck 6x9's with a similarly specced set? I have two Infinity Reference 9623i's that I pulled from my previous car. I realize they're 3-way, but they're also 2-ohm, and everything else seems to fit fairly well within the specs of the stock 6x9's. So, I guess I'm asking would I lose anything by putting in the 3-way speakers? My understanding is that the rear amp only sends low signals to the 6x9's, so would they effectively just bypass the tweeter and midrange on the speaker? Or would I have to bypass them myself? I mostly just wanted to reuse the speakers because they sound excellent and were pricey at the time, and the rear looked easiest to replace right off the bat. I suppose I could always just give it a shot and put the stocks back in if it didn't work out, but I'm at work right now, so I figured I could at least ask until I can get to it myself.


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    They should work just fine. I just replaced the factory 6x9's in my 03 Aero with a set of 2-way Infinity Kappa's and couldn't be happier.
    No need to bypass anything, yourself, they'll only receive sub-bass frequencies.

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    Hey guys, do you guys have the harmon kardon 9 speaker system, i do and my rear passenger side mini sub in the behind headrest blew and i was wondering what I needed to buy to replacement them

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