Hello everyone.

I've recently bought an 05 9-3 Aero and started replacing some of the components such as brakes. When doing the front brakes, I've noticed the Inner CV boots being split and fresh grease flung all over the place. The grease did look fresh so i am assuming this has happened fairly recently.
I've searched the forums and found people on slightly older models replacing the boots and repacking the bearings with fresh grease or replacing the entire Axle with re-manufactured ones. This is where I encountered two problems, first I cannot find a boot kit for my year and model, most of them are for the older cars.

The second problem: I cannot find any information on removing the half-shafts from the vehicle, more particularly "How to get the axles out of the transmission"!
I've read and watched videos on most cars, where the axle just pops out of the transmission with the use of a prybar, but I'd really like someone to confirm this before I go prying around transmission and such.

I know about loosening the hub nut, but am sort of hazy as to what part of the strut to undo to allow the tilt to get the stub shaft part out of the hub! Some said undo the ball joint (without using a pickle fork), some said to undo the lower control arm.

I've replaced axle seals, hubs and U-joints on my Dodge so I am somewhat familiar with axle work, but have never really worked on CV axles. If anyone has any suggestions or information, I would truly appreciate any help, especially with removing the cv axles, since I will most likely replace them with re-manufactured ones, unless someone knows where to get a boot kit for and 05 Aero.

Thank you very much for your help.