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    No Reverse Sensor

    Hey, all! Just wanted to share this bit of information with everyone. The other day I noticed by reverse sensors weren't working, and then I noticed my reverse lights weren't working, either. So I checked the fuses, and the fuse for my reverse lights was blown.

    I replaced it this afternoon, and everything is working again! So the reverse sensors and the mirror function is dependent on the reverse lights working, in case anyone ever has this issue in the future.

    I did get the little tweezer thing stuck inside the fuse compartment. It clicked and then slid all the way inside, so now I can't get it out. Ugh... So will I have to take apart my dash to get it out?

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    I think this requires the fuse to be ok, but the reverse light bulbs are not needed to get the passenger mirror to shift in reverse. Sorry to hear about the fuse tool :-(

    I just luuv the way that side mirror dips down. I can see the curb!

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