So this one has me stumped and I could really use someremote trouble shooting.

04 Aero Wagon that I purchased last July w/ 76k. Note that the 04 wagons don’t have a manual (keyed)lock on the hatch, just the cover.

At some point a few months into ownership I noticed that therear hatch did not lock when the doors locked nor will the alarm go off whenthe hatch is opened and the alarm is on.

So I did some readingand it sounded like the lock motor might be bad (you can hear it ). So I found a used motor and pulled the rearpanel to replace. Looking at the oldmotor I noted that it push out (unlock) if I manually locked the hatch butwould not return to it’s position. Thinking it was the motor, I replaced it with the used part – guess what,same problem.

So I bring it to a local Northern NJ Indy (Hoffman’s) with aTech 2 and he can’t find a way to fix it. Frustrated I bring it to another Northern NJ Indy (Greco) who was alsorecharging the AC. He spends over anhour troubleshooting - checks micro switch(working), motor(ok), and all arms(ok). Hethinks it might be the TWICE unit itself has an issue since the alarm doesn’t triggerwhen the hatch is lifted.

Anyone with any ideas? What signal the alarm to go off whenthe hatch is open? Can only one functionon the TWICE go bad?

If it is the TWICE can I source a used one (which year?) andhave it married (Tech 2 required I understand) to my car with the existing keys/remote?

Thanks in advance.

Doug in NJ