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    Saab country websites replaced with generic site

    It doesn't really come as a surprise but still sad to see that all the country-specific websites are not available anymore. It now shows a generic website with the same information for all countries, together with a Google Translate option. So no more SaabUSA.com or SaabSverige.com, all those URLs are redirected to the saab.com site.

    Most microsites have disappeared as well. I have been looking for a way to somehow download those but Flash and other security made that impossible. http://saabworld.net/f85/saab-microsites-150/

    Some countries still have some specific repair and service information, for example Fixed Price Service - United Kingdom

    Before the Saab bankruptcy, a trusted source within Saab said the company was actually in the process of overhauling all its country websites. They were going to get rid of all Flash-based content together with a lot of backend improvements. Perhaps this new format is the way they were planning to go with all their websites.

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    I had been looking forward to the elimination of Flash, but not this way. Hope better times are coming soon.

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