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    Michael Gierula

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    23 Jun 2012
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    2007 9-3 2.0T
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    Question "Steering Wheel Lock Malfunction" Alarm on 2007 9-3

    I have an annoying alarm that pops up on my 2007 9-3 2.0T 6 speed manual with 51,000 miles. As the title suggests, I am getting a re-occurring "steering wheel lock malfunction" warning in the dash display. It mostly happens in the summer when the car is parked outside and the interior heats up. It can go off, with a chime, many times when starting out and the interior is hot. The steering is working fine - it's a false alarm, so far as I'm concerned. Annoying!

    I referred this, to the dealer when it was in for service, and still under warranty, several times, but they never could get it to reproduce in their shop, nor any "codes" telling them what the issue was, so it was never resolved. Now it's summer again, and the problem has returned.

    Does anyone know where this sensor is (I'm assuming in the steering column) and how to service it? I'm assuming that this is a clearance problem, since it is only occurring when the interior is hot. If it's a sensor, then - maybe - just a cleaning with an electronic parts contact cleaner might help. Maybe I can source one from a dealer and replace it myself?

    There are other niggling problems with this car, but this one is the most frustrating one right now.

    Any help or advice from anyone that has had a similar issue would be appreciated.

    Mike G.

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    John Mackinnon
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    Did you ever find a cure? I know its a ways back but 2007 9.3 Aero has the message coming on quite a bit lately....and it is hot out. Funny does not message me during the winter months

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