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    Rear Wheel Seized

    Has anyone has a rear wheel just refuse to turn after the car sat a while?

    My 95 SE wagon sat for a year, outside, in the northeast.

    Started fine with a brief jump, but the left rear wheel is siezed. Tried flat-towing it a few feet in neutral to break it loose. Ploughed a furrow in my gravel driveway.

    EBrake handle is in disengaged position.

    Car goes in and out of first and reverse (auto) just fine. But in first it goes nowhere much. In reverse it just sort of climbs up on the rear wheel.

    Pulled the wheel off. Used chemical rust remover, then cleaned and lubed liberally. poked, prodded and pounded on sturdy parts of caliper assembly. Outboard pad is not siezed to rotor as I can easily wiggle it with a big screwdriver. Inboard harder to futz with without disassembly.

    I'm about to head out and pull the caliper on that corner, or try anyway.

    Meanwhile I'm wondering if the trouble might be eBrake rather than brake? And if so what to look for, do? Or something else altogether?

    Thanks so much.

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    You might have to just replace the wheel bearing since it is sealed and I don't think you can lube the factory one.

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    It sounds more like the ebrake seized than a wheel bearing problem. I have never heard of a seizing wheel bearing on the 9-5 before. As toxic mentioned, they are sealed and usually don't seem to experience catastrophic failure. But I am not an experienced mechanic so take this advice and seized bearings may be more common. But I would check the ebrake operation first.

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    After sitting for a year, I'd bet the e-brake is hung up.

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