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    Question Saab 9-3 Engine cuts out cornering when fuel is less than a quarter of a tank

    Hi everyone,

    I have a quick question about a minor issue I have with my Saab 9-3 ARC sedan 2004 that I hope someone has come across.
    Whilst accelerating around corners at moderate speed (40-80kmh) more often on left hand corners, if the fuel in my tank is less than a quarter remaining, the engine stutters and coughs and basically depicts that it is running out of fuel. Now this is obviously a fuel issue as when I fill the tank again the problem stops. What I am hoping to find, is someone who has seen this and had it fixed and can let me know exactly what it is. Is it a sensor or a fuel pump or something else.
    Thanks very much, I really appreciate any input from anyone
    Drew from Tasmania, Australia

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    Dave T.
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    Don't really know. This didn't happen to me last week. I usually keep the tank full but let it get down to 14.5 gallons used out of 16.05.

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