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    Monroe shocks - Any good?

    I recently discovered a bad tire problem caused by worn rear shocks (and a host of other calamities) on my classic 900. So I went to check out shock prices at Napa, on eBay, from eEuroparts, and on RockAuto. RockAuto has a special "wholesaler closeout" on some Monroe high pressure gas monotube shocks for the c900, rears for just $5.64 (plus $10 shipping for 2, but whatever).

    Has anybody had any experience with Monroe shocks? I'm wary of anything that's not Bilstein or Koni, but I can't see how anything could be worse than what are probably the original shocks on my car currently. I've searched TSL, SC, and SN, but nobody seems to have a consensus except for the SN guys, who stay to stay away from anything that's not Bilstein, Koni, or OEM/Sachs/Boge, which I think is a little extreme.

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    You get what you pay for on shocks. Monroe's are great for a Dodge Ram Truck that you don't expect to last but for Euro cars they are not worth the effort. The fact is that labor is the more important fact in shock replacement. If I am going to the effort of replaceing them I would only buy Bilstein's. They last longer than the suspension components around them.

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