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    Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) - Clean, remove or replace ?

    Hi guys. My 2005 9-3 TiD (Z19DTH) is frequently entering in limp mode.
    It's a Hirsch upgraded 175hp and I keep getting a P1901 error, even after the a recent replacement of a DPF pressure sensor along with the MAF. The car wasn't pulling enough and everything was solved for about 800km. Last time at the dealer I think the saturation couldn't drop bellow 70%. I haven't been using the most additivated diesel (the price is getting absurd !) and I drive about 13000 to 14000km a year.

    So I'm considering the following options:

    1) Take it to a garage where they will clean the DPF with a pressure cleaning Kit (Just found a Bosch car service that told me they are used to this )

    2) Remove the da** thing. People are telling wonders about this...Some remove the EGR valve too.

    3) Use a non Genuine DPF filter available at a well known SAAB parts webstore for about 415 (330)

    4) ?

    Any ideas are welcome.

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    No sure about Saab diesels, we don't get them in the US, but I've heard about people removing the DPF on things like VW's. They report numerous benefits after some tinkering with the electronic nannies.

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