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    Just wanted to say thanks

    Hello Saabworld!

    Just wanted to say thanks to the site and the how2 on repairing the window rollers.

    Mine went the other day and I quickly found the how2 and fixed it this evening.

    I'm not new the Saabs as such, I've had what could be the worlds first b204l vectra b estate as it was converted a few years back. But the recently purchased 9-5 estate is what brought me back after its window failed.

    So thanks for the help so far, I hope to be able to give something back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodenspatulas View Post
    I hope to be able to give something back!
    A good start would be to share some pictures of your Saab. We always love to see pictures of Saabs!

    Welcome to the World, that window roller thread helped me out as well.

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    I can do that

    Little bit over processed but you get the idea. I've fitted the aero lip as there's damaged to the original corner bits and this came up cheap. I also had missing fog lights and while waiting for replacements I used spare grills to fill the gaps. The badges are carbon effect ones to replace the originals which had faded and it's running Vx rims with too thin tyres but they will do for now.

    And this is my B204L engines vectra b.


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