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    Saab owner since 1983

    Hi all, new member here, just found the Clubhouse for the first time.

    I've been a Saab owner since 1983 when my father MADE me get a 79 900 EMS instead of the 78 Trans am that I wanted. That was the end of of that, I've not been without a Saab since. Sold my EMS in 89 with 189K, loved the car. I lowered with with SPG springs, put on the Sunburst Alloy wheels from the now defunct IPD. I moved to an 82 Turbo. Owned that through 92 when I was rear ended in Chicago (sounds like a good song title), I then found a sweet Walnut Brown Metallic 84 Turbo. Sold that car when the tranny pinions went. Picked a 90 900 Turbo with 65K on it, I still own it. It has 338K with the original turbo. I again did the suspension with Intrax springs and Bilstein's, but this time went with the 93 Commemorative Edition wheels. The air went out on it and after a few failed attempts to repair, decided it was not worth the $$ to keep trying. I then got a 94 9000 Aero, crazy fast car! I loved that car, amazing handling and power. That car was stolen and totaled. I found a one owner 2000 9-3 SE with 69K. I've put about 100K on it in 4 years, I found some 05 Aero wheels for it. Still debating on lowering it. Both those cars are shown in my avatar. I recently bought a 03 9-5 Aero. My first Saab auto, getting used to it. The most refined Saab I;ve had, comfort and power. Hence the root of my screen name 900 to Aero. I don't think I'll ever be with a classic 900. As much as I like my newer cars, the 900 Turbo is the most fun to drive.

    I'm glad I've found this forum, I've been on Saabnet for a longtime, but I'm enjoying this forum greatly, seems to be a close knit group.

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    Welcome to SaabWorld, 900Aero!

    More pics of your cars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Wulfers View Post
    Note to new members: choose your user name carefully because it will stick with you for the rest of your forum life.

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    That's quite a history with Saabs. Welcome to our little place in the Saab world! There is a thread in the Saab Talk forum for showing of your Saabs or you can add them all to the Garage with more pictures and detailed information. I think we never get tired of looking at pictures of Saabs.

    SaabWorld - Saab Garage

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