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    Test drive a car, get a gift card or other incentive

    Occasionally, car companies will offer a prize for test driving a car.

    The latest one that I know is here https://www.chevyoutdoors.com/

    Enter to win a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado. After filling out the form, you may be offered an additional incentive, which is a $50 gift card at Cabela's for test driving any Chevrolet before 12/31/2012.

    Cabela's is a sporting goods store. The closest one to Seattle is at Tulalip, on I-5 north of Everett. I got the form for the gift certificate after entering the online drawing for the Silverado. Cabela's has stores in roughly 30 states.

    Is there any Chevrolet worth test driving? Malibu? Camaro? Volt? Dealers might not sell many Corvettes and might not have a demonstrator. If so, I don't really want to put miles on a new car that someone will buy. I'm thinking of looking at a Chevy Volt one of these days.

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    Renato Piereck
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    Camaro ZL1?

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