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    Check engine light

    My check engine light was on for quite some time, I broke down and coughed up the $300.00 for a new DI Cassette, installed it and the light went out, I'm or was a happy camper. No No No no, today just after a fuel stop the check engine light returned. Darn Darn Darn Damn-it. I was near autozone so I stopped in for a reading. It was not the DI, Whew!!! It is a different code. It is a P0455, maybee a gas cap, I ordered one, be here in a couple of days. If the gas cap doesn't fix it what are my options? A great big thank you to all of you Great minds. I know the alternative answer is out there. Good night my friends.

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    There is a lot of technical info in the WIS but it sure points to the filler cap. At least the easiest to troubleshoot first.

    P0455: Evaporative emission system (EVAP) - Serious leakage in system

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