I just got 2002 saab 9-5 arc 3.0 v6 and the turbo went bad. I ordered new turbo cartridge for $169.00 (turbo fans and core new/assembled/china made/ garret gt1749 model 40,000 to 140,000 rpm as seller indicated) from ebay seller, but the turbo has some plays side to side between shaft and bearing, and when I installed it to the turbo housing, when I wiggle the turbo fan (air boost side), it touching the aluminum housing aroud all 360 degrees. I removed the whole turbo kit and returned to the seller in ebay . Just lose $12.00 plus labor. The seller said I have to enlarge and aluminum housing or get another bigger housing (there is nothing wrong with turbo, it's brand new, the seller said). Is it normal to have lots of play between bearing and shaft in turbo? I possitively doubt it.
Now I just disable and blocked the old turbo. I removed the shaft/fans/bearing assembly and sealed all thru with heavy/tight fit bolt, thick washers, lock washers and nuts. I plugged the oil supply, but the water still on and able. Now, the car is running fine without turbo. The turbo meter is responding like there is turbo. And the power feels like the same with turbo (may the turbo was broken when I got it). The massive oil leak in the throttle intake due to the turbo leak is gone. In the hi-way at 60 miles per hour, its is avaraging up to 24 to 31 mpg. The milky oil used to appear in coolant reservoir is gone too.
How good and what is the life span of garret turbo gt1749 before it leaks and fall apart? (parts and bearing construction quality is not made for long life). I think the car will last longer without turbo.
Please comment on this temporary quick fix.