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    Front hood/bonnet emblem removal and replacement - Saab 9-5

    Tools needed:

    • hair dryer (optional)
    • screw driver or other flat blade tool

    Parts and supplies needed:

    • Saab front hood emblem part number 12844161
    • Adhesive remover

    Difficulty rating (scale 1 to 5):

    1 - very easy. Anyone with some patience can do this.

    Time estimate: 15 minutes


    Note: these instructions are very similar for the rear trunk or hatch emblem replacement.

    The Saab emblems need to be replaced occasionally because the top part will come off eventually.

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    Protect the paint with tape or other material so you won't damage the paint. For best results, do this when the hood/bonnet and emblem are warm so the the adhesive will let go easier. Park the car in the sun for a while or use a hair dryer.

    Be careful when you pry off the emblem, do not use excessive force because you can dent the area around the emblem.

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    There will be some of the old adhesive left after the old emblem is off. Make sure to clean everything off before you put on the new emblem. I used Goof Off with good results.

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    Take off the protective film of the new emblem and place emblem on the hood. It will self-center in the holes of the hood so it is very easy to do.

    That's it. Your Saab will proudly display SAAB and the Griffin logo again

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    I would say if you don't have special products for removing old glue you can use simply petrol lamp liquid on a rag, don't forget to clean up the greasy let in on with rubbing alcohol, when it's dry, do your gluing.
    That's works for any stickers in fact.

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