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    Saab 9-3 spark plug replacement

    Saab specifies replacing the spark plugs at 60,000 miles. The interval for Europe and the rest of the world (Saab lingo) is about the same but in kilometers.

    The recommended spark plug gap is 0.9-1.0 mm (0.035-0.039 inches) for the B207E (150 hp engine, not sold in the U.S.) and B207L (2003-2005 Linear, 175 hp). The recommended spark plug is NGK PFR 6T-10G, which is made under both the Saab and NGK names.

    The last time I chnged spark plugs, it was on a Saab 900. I used di-electric grease for the rounded end of the spark plug and anti-seize compound for the threaded (screw-like) part. Both come in a small tube and don't cost much at the auto parts store.

    I will add pictures and a tutorial when I complete this task. Estimated date of completion: spring 2013. Sorry!

    Tools and supplies required:
    1. Torx T-30 (similar to screwdriver)
    2. Spark plug socket (found in many socket wrench sets)
    3. Socket wrench extension (short one found in many socket wrench sets, also needed to change the oil filter)
    4. di-electric grease
    5. anti-seize compound
    6. spark plug gapper / spark plug gap measuring tool (available for as low as US$1)
    7. torque wrench
    8. (optional) rag

    Parts required:
    1. 4 new spark plugs


    Wipe the top of the engine so dust doesn't go inside the combustion chamber.

    Always work on a cool engine because metal expands with heat. Always clean the spark plug hole in the engine because dirt can affect the torque measurement. Always tighten the spark plugs to the recommended torque, which is 21 ft.-lbs. This assures proper seating. Too loose and localized temperature can be too high and even pre-ignition can occur. Too tight is not good either.

    Remove one spark plug and then install a new one. Then remove the second one. In the old days, spark plugs had wires so this method prevented reconnecting the wires in the wrong order.

    Thanks to Wulf, the Saabworld.net administrator, for the spark plug gap information!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave T View Post
    I will add pictures and a tutorial when I complete this task. Estimated date of completion: spring 2013. Sorry!
    If you can't wait that long, here are the instructions from the WIS.

    Name:  Spark plugs.gif
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Size:  7.9 KB

    To remove

    1. Remove the cover over the ignition coils.

    Name:  1 Saab 9-3 Spark Plugs.gif
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Size:  12.1 KB

    2. Remove the bolts, lift up each ignition coil and move aside. Start with the ignition coil for cylinder 1.

    Name:  2 Saab 9-3 Spark Plugs.gif
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Size:  11.7 KB

    3. Remove the spark plugs, socket 8394785.

    To fit

    1. Check the spark plug gap as described in Spark plugs (157).

    2. Fit the spark plugs, keeping the socket straight so the spark plugs are not damaged.
    Tightening torque 28 Nm (21 lbf ft)

    3. Fit the respective ignition coils starting with the one for cyl 4.

    Name:  3 Saab 9-3 Spark Plugs.gif
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    4. Make sure to locate the ignition coil cables so they are not pinched.

    5. Fit the cover over the ignition coils.
    Tightening torque 8 Nm (6 lbf ft).

    Name:  4 Saab 9-3 Spark Plugs.gif
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    Jim Dickinson
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    It seems like there are a lot of choices, even among NGK plugs. What about NGK Iridium IXs? What about other manufacturers?



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