I took some parts of again so I could see the waterpump and connections. Filled up the engine with coolant and immediately saw it was leaking from the #11 metal pipe that goes into the pump. When I installed, I put the #3 o-ring into the pump housing and pushed in the metal pipe. That was the wrong way of doing it because you have to put the o-ring on the pipe first and then push it into the pump housing. When I did it the wrong way, it actually cut through the o-ring and pushed it out a little. That'll cause a leak...!

I still had the old o-ring on hand and it still was in good shape as I replaced that only 2 years ago. Put everything back together and no more leak. Just went on a 20-minute drive and didn't see any coolant coming out under pressure either. So it all looks good for now. Fortunately, no need to take the pump off again.