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    The difference between the bulbs is that the 147 bulb has more salt in it. This to make it work with the Valeo LAD5G & give the bulb an proper life time. This bulb is specially adapted & manufactured for SAAB & the Valeo LAD5G. You can use other bulbs, but with shortened life time. Approx the half. Expected life time is approx 2500h for a 147-series.

    The 141, 147, 148, is a running number, that only tells that there have been some specification modification to the bulb. So for the 148, there is something that have been changed. But that dosent mean that it superseed the 147, since the 147 is special.

    The SAAB Parts company now called Orio should have this bulb in stock. So all SAAB vorkshops that order parts from Orio should be able to get this Xenon bulb.

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    Anyone tested the Philips 9285 148 294 Xenon bulbs? How do/did they last? Would you recommend them or something elese in 40-50 USD category?

    Thanks for info. I need to replace both Xenon bulbs in my 9-5 before winter.

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