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    Limp-home reset - Saab 9-5

    From the Saab WIS:


    Limp-home solenoid

    • Fed by a relay, the limp-home solenoid (640) is governed by the control module.
    • Mechanically connects the accelerator cable to the throttle spindle of a fault arises in the throttle body or any of its leads. The mechanism must be reset manually.

    Resetting triggered limp-home mechanism

    1. Remove the upper engine cover.
    2. Rectify the fault
    3. Attach female connector for throttle.
    4. Turn the ignition ON.
    5. Clear diagnostic trouble codes.
    6. Turn the ignition OFF.
    7. Carefully slide the end of the spring towards the throttle body using the point of a pen or similar.

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    8. At the same time, rotate the black tooth disc anticlockwise with a screwdriver. A click will be heard in its end position.

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    9. Turn the pedal arm with throttle cable clockwise. Make sure that the throttle arm does not follow the movement of the pedal arm. Refer to the illustration of a reset throttle.

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    10. Fit the upper engine cover.

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    Real Images

    Do not enabled, Limp Home:

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    Lock: On, Limp home

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    The position of the spring is important

    The position of the spring is important/ Do not enabled, Limp Home

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