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    Aftermarket stereo or Parrot MKi9100

    I have done alot of research on the Saab stereo system and i think i have it narrowed down to two options for upgrading. Wondering which one everyone thinks is the best.
    I was thinking about the Parrot MKi9100 to stream music and phone calls into my stock stereo via the phone/onstar input. The only hesitation i have on this is i heard the sound quality is not the greatest. One other positive thing is I could order everything i need today and install next week.
    I was thinking about going down the road of replacing the whole unit with a aftermarket deck. The only downside is that this is more expensive and involves a lot more custom wiring, and many extra parts. (steering wheel control unit, harness, RCA cables, ground loop isolators, etc) I would have to order the parts over a length of time and continue to use my crappy tape deck adapter.

    What are everyones thoughts on both????

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    The tape line-in option for the stock system seems to be popular. I'll need to do that with my system as well.

    26.11.2006: Saab 9-5 Line Input - photo.platonoff.com

    I recently switched from a Philips tape adapter to one from Monster (bought at Meijer near Grand Rapids). $20 but much better sound quality. I always had to move the Philips adapter around to get reasonable sound output left/right but was still kind of crappy sound.

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