Hi all,
I have a question for you all. 2001 95 2.3 Lpt auto wagon with 130,000 miles. Burnt an exhaust valve and am in the process of fixing that. The timing chain is worn as is the balance chain. Since I have the car this far apart, I thought I would pull it out to make things easier.

So the question is, does any body have any experience with pulling JUST the engine, NOT the tranny, from the car by lifting it out the top. The WIS shows dropping onto a super duper special carriage of sorts, but I am working in my gravel parking spot. No special tools for me.

Any advice or help on this is greatly appreciated.

BTW. I think the valve burnt due to sludge. When I tore down the head, some of the lifters did not want to compress. A soak in diesel fuel has loosened most of them up, but there are 2 stubborn ones that will require extra attention before tossing into the trash heap.