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    99 SAAB 9-5 B235E M/T
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    99 saab 9-5 fuel pressure regulator replacement diy


    suddenly I got three CEL OBDII codes P0340 P1300 P0300 at one with related motor stalling problems.

    My last DIY service history (related to mentioned OBDII codes):
    - NGK sparks since 3.5k miles
    - new MAN engine air filter
    - CPS since 3.0k miles
    - oil pan drop with Seafoam prior oil change since 2.0k miles
    - new vacuum lines

    Previous service history - last 2 years:
    - serpentine belt
    - new original DIC in 2010
    - PCV #6 upgrade kit
    - vacuum valve Bosch

    Might need to replace fuel pressure regulator first, before fuel pump will be suspicious.

    Has anybody a link for DIY how to safely replace the fuel pressure regulator?

    Thank you in advance
    99 SAAB 9-5 2.3 T , B235E, 160k mi, premium gas, 4qt fully synthetic Castrol Edge 10W-40 , rest Marvel Mystery Oil

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    easy job:

    -with engine running, take off fuse #19 to stop the pressure in fuel lines (motor stops), turn off the power
    -take two electric connectors (red/black) out of way
    -take off little hose from regulator (watch out for little spills)
    - take off screw holding regulator
    -turn regulator down

    Im not sure but regulator might be attached with some clips,but it comes off by turning it down.
    If you want to be super carefully, take off the minuis cable of your battery (possible sparks+fuel,not good

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    What I did to remove mine was use a precision screwdriver between the regulator and the bore in fuel rail. The regulator has a U shape clamp to it and partially expands at its center. Whatever you do, do not over pry it apart or you can snap it in two. It would save you time if you used a vacuum pump. If you disconnect vacuum line at regulator, motor off, and apply 15inHg and it hold steady then the diaphragm is fine. Another route is disconnecting vacuum line, motor running, to see if fuel spills out the vacuum port of regulator. Hope this helps.

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