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    Need Brakes/Rotors For 1996 900SE Saab

    Hi Mike and all. Thanks for responding to my intro. I am in the market for brakes/rotors for my car. Decided to buy Online (no Midas) this time and have a handyman put them on for me. Does anyone know of a good brand to buy in brakes and for rotors as well and fairly easy to install as well. Do you have to buy the hardware separately?

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    When it comes to calipers, your only choice is basically remanufactured calipers. There is nothing wrong with remanufactured, and they meet the standards of new parts. I put some on last summer and they have been working great. Finding a decent price, or a single store with all of the calipers though, that might be a challenge. I believe I ended up using RockAuto.com for three of the calipers, and one of the rear calipers I had to purchase from somewhere else. That was the cheapest way. Also, just becareful that it is more common (at least in my experience) that remanufactured calipers come "loaded". That just means that they already have the break pads included. And, one last thing is that a ton of these remanufacuted parts come with a "core charge". This just means that you have to send in your old part, to get that fee back. So, plan on spending a pretty penny more (often the core charge costs more than the new part) if you don't send the old calipers back.

    For hardware, I had to buy it seperately for the one rear brake that I had to get from the different website. This is all up to the company that made or remanufactured the caliper. So, I'd call the website you plan on purchasing from and ask them. If you have to purchase it seperately, eEuroparts.com has them at a pretty good price usually.

    For rotors you are pretty open. I think I used Brembo.

    Finally, beware of what year the part is listed for. Saab decided to change the brakes up a bit after 1996. So, there are two main types for the NG900 when it comes to breaks, 1994-1996 and 1997-1998.

    Hope this helps.

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