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    Open and start a Saab 9-3 or 9-5 without a key and transponder

    We know it is possible to start a 9-3 II with your finger as long as the transponder is nearby. The 9-5 I is more secure because it uses a real key. How safe are the Saab security systems when it comes to opening and starting?

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    I'll be honest, I've seen this video and I don't know if its real....if it is he has Saab software somehow.

    Like dealer software, that's the only thing I can assume. Plus I guess you would need to know where the receiver for the keyless entry system is to debunk this videeo, and I have no idea where that's located.

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    So an Audi guy would rather have a Saab, and resorts to stealing instead of buying? Go figure! If he tries that n my 9-5 all he'll find are some baby toys, maybe a dirty diaper and some half drunk sippy cups.

    Edit: one easy way to debunk these videos: on the first Saab, the 9-5 Combi, you can see the security LED clearly blinking twice, Two blinks means the car was UNLOCKED to begin with. One single blink means the car is locked.

    Page 42 of Saab 9-5 owner's manual, MY 2000:
    - Alarm activated: flashes once every third second.
    - Car immobilized but not locked: flashes twice at three second intervals.

    This video is a fake.

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