Today I went to pick up my 9-5 from my local Saab dealership, Kellerman Saab in Erlangen, Germany. I still say dealership because despite there being no new cars they are still doing a lot of business selling and repairing used Saabs. Their showroom has new Subarus (the other brand they sell), but all the fittings of a modern Saab showroom are still there. The maintenance and repair bay was filled with Saabs, from C900s and 9000s, as well as 9-3s and 9-5s. A few Subarus and one rare NSU was there too.

Oddly I took about ten pictures there but only one shows in my computer, but it's not the best, shows the showroom with a 9-3 Cabrio and a 9-3 SportCombi. As usual for Kellermann, looks like business as usual in the Saab showroom:

The dealer now has a Saab 90, the rare mix of the 99 and 900, they got the car last month from Sweden, and are going to restore it for sale. There was also a rare NSU Ro 80, a beautiful car from the late 60s that was ahead of its time, and this one had zero rust. The NSU is noted for its advanced technology for the time, as well as the rotary engine. Too bad my pics of it went kaput.

My 9-5 was there for a wheel bearing, an ABS sensor that went bad, and the driver's window roller that broke. All that cost me 400 Euro ($518). The 9-5 had failed the yearly safety inspection for the ABS light being on and a broken fog light lens. Tomorrow I should get the fog light lens, then when I install it I can reinspect the car. It was also good to have a Saab master mechanic look at my car, tell me my rear right shock is leaking, as well as giving me the verdict that my engine is clean inside.