I am wondering if any of you could give me some insight into my speaker problem. I recently purchased a used 2002 9-5 Arc V6, which I love. Unfortunately, when I bought it the center dash speaker was blown. This car came with a AS3 (Prestige) Harman Kardon sound system. I was looking for replacements online when I came across a thread someone posted about upgrading the sound system (http://saabworld.net/f69/2003-2006-s...es3-13-a-2132/).

Although I'm not looking for a complete upgrade, I was wondering if it would be better to just replace the center speaker, or to change some things up in regard to the front sound system.

I saw a thread (Center Speaker Blown HK Prestige system - Questions?? - SaabCentral Forums) where some people removed the center speaker and replace the front (dash) left and right speakers with infinity kappa's 32.9cf and were able to use external crossovers to incorporate the sound directed to the center speaker.

Then I happened upon the thread I posted at the beginning of this message, where someone was upgrading their left and right dash speakers to Boston Acoustics S35's.

Here's my question - should I shell out the money to replace the center, or incorporate the center sound into new left and right dash speakers? Does any one have any suggestions?

Thank you kindly!