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    Marty Jackson
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    Keys! New, Old, and Programming

    I've been looking for an answer for the question. Can I use the used guts out of a key from another car for my 04, 9-5 ARC?
    The quick answer is yes, but it has to be programmed with Teck2.
    Here is a link to a key FAQ I came across. It covers almost all keys and fobs. Yea!
    And a link to a site that you can get a key blank and have it cut for your car. (some keys)
    Good luck all!

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    Yeah it i ssuper easy since the guts are the expensive part. SO I bought a used one off of ebay for my two 06's then had a new key shaft ordered for them. Then I installed the guts (electronics). Then the next thing was to get them programmed.

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