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    Quote Originally Posted by packardv8 View Post
    We'll have an answer for this question soon. The KBB trade-in on ours is 12,000. I'd never be able to replace it with the same quality, mileage and uniqueness, so for that, I'd much prefer to keep it.

    jack vines
    After going on three months of incredible hassles with my insurance company, they say our low miles good condition 9-4X is going to declared a total loss because there are no windshields available anywhere in the world.

    We'd much rather have the car drivable than the paltry payout, less deductable.

    jack vines

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    This is an increasing problem for Saabs. Not much damage has to occur before the car is totaled. I experienced this for my 2005 9-3. My conclusion was that one should try to avoid having collision coverage because your own insurance company will be pressure you to have the car totaled, not repaired. If you don't have collision coverage, then you can deal with the other driver's insurance and have more clout in having the Saab repaired. If you have collision coverage, your own insurance will want to declare your car totaled. They may do so with repair costs equalling merely 65% of the value of the car.

    Now this might even extend to not having comprehensive coverage (other than collision).

    I wonder if, soon, classic car coverage, like Haggerty's will be worth it. On the other hand, they may require that the car be very old and not used as a daily driver.

    My daily driver is a BMW 320i (F30) with a manual transmission. BMW 3 series are no longer sold in the US with a manual transmission. In Europe, only some diesels have a manual. Therefore, if I am interested in a manual, I must preserve my car as much as possible.

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