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    Classic ABS Module Failure?

    TCS/ESP Off light, Red Triangle warning light, Brake light, ABS Warning lights all came on - but my tach, speedo and cruise control continue to work. Is this really a module failure? Or is there another problem I should search for. The lights reset after turning off the ignition - but eventually come on - drove 50+ miles yesterday before they came on. Thanks, TR

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    My speedo didn't work as well as the signal comes from the abs controller I was told. Your controller could be going or it may just an abs sensor on one of the wheels.

    If it turns out to be the controller send it to bba reman, they did a great job fixing mine and they give a lifetime warranty.

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    The cost to have a new ABS controller installed is approximately $2,500 whereas the cost to have your old controller repaired/rebuilt is less than $200. This huge cost difference has caused some owners to ship their controllers off to be rebuilt, when the real problem was a $65 wheel speed sensor. Have the codes read first to be certain it is the controller which is bad.

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