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    Saab 9-5 AS3 Speaker replacement..


    First of all, I need to thank you all for outstanding help via your "2-DIN Install thread"
    It made my installation on my Kenwood 2-Din, a breeze

    But yes.. I do have some questions.. Mostly related to speakers..

    I have a 2004 9-5 Estate with AS3 Stereo.. but not to happy with "bass output" from my existing factory fitted speakers..

    I've done some research on these speakers.. ( as for output, Ohm value of around 2 ,except center dash speaker) and range..
    First off.. Do you know if the Factory fitted AS3 Amplifier has a built in Crossover??
    Judging by the "mitt eget-Saab Audio" website it seems that that the dash Speakers ONLY play Midrange-Tweeter

    Front speakers ( 6.5") play Midrange-Bass, rear door speakers play Midrange-Tweeter and finally the Sub in the rear compartment play Bass tone..

    If I were to replace any of those speakers , would I have to go with similar "profiles" meaning I would have to buy 2 way speakers according to their position in the car??
    In other words, does the amp control the speakers output via an crossover, or did Saab just place different speakers with different capabilities, trying to create a decent output from the system??

    First off, I'd like to try to replace front door speakers and the Sub in the luggage compartment.. Should I go with 2 Ohm Speakers ( Infinity has some) or standard 3 WAY 4 ohm speakers ( thereby reducing the speakers total output by 50 % because of the Ohm difference, and "straining" the amplifier...

    1. Replacing the 6.5" inch speakers in the front door and Subwoofer, with 2-Way Infinity Kappa 2 ohms speakers or similar

    2. Or replacing those speakers with any 3-Way speakers with 4 ohms speakers?

    What do you think, would be the best solution??

    With regards

    Sturla Hansen

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    The stock AS3 system has pretty decent bass from the subwoofer in the back and I never really felt the need to upgrade the speakers. On the older models, the subwoofer occasionally goes bad. Does it still provide good sound output?

    Sorry, can't help you with your other questions but perhaps some other audio experts may be able to help.

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