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    2004 9-3 ARC Convertible "Steering Wheel Lock Malfunction" Alarm

    Anyone have experience with this? Any advice? Is it safe to drive?
    The message further reads “pull over and stop when safe call Saab Service”
    The Alarm goes on and off intermittently, when driving or when key is first inserted into the socket.
    When first starting, if I hear the solenoid click there are no problems. If I do not hear the solenoid there are problems. If I do not hear the solenoid the error message is displayed and the problems vary - steering wheel remains locked – can not get transmission out of park - the car may or may not start. If I remove the key and reinsert several time the solenoid clicks and no problems.
    When the Alarm goes “on” while driving there are no failing symptoms and will go on and off intermittently.

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    Renato Piereck
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    That's news to me that some Saabs have steering wheel locks, all three I owned never had them. But I did a search and found out that the steering wheel lock malfunction is a semi-common thing on these cars.

    From what I read two things that might help are to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 15 minutes to see if you can reset the CIM (the module that controls the steering wheel lock), or try turning the steering counter-clockwise as hard as you can while attempting to unlock it. If that doesn't work, try it while turning the steering wheel clockwise as hard as you can. The locking pawl could be pinched in its mating notch in the steering column and unable to release.

    Good luck!

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    R Harper
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    Angry Steering wheel lock malfunction

    I had the dreaded Steering Wheel Lock Malfunction error. Following advice here and elsewhere, I first replaced the ISM, which solved the problem for about half a day, then it returned. I then replaced the CIM in the steering wheel, which solved the problem for half a day, then it returned. I then replaced the steering wheel lock mechanism itself, and that appears to have done the trick. As Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes a steering wheel lock malfunction is, in fact, a malfunction in the steering wheel lock.

    Mine is a 2004 9-3 Aero model.

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