For sale in Colorado Springs is a Saab that is certainly unique, and that for obvious reasons does not handle at all like any other Saab 900:

Perhaps it is the wide rear tires that will catch your eyes, perhaps the lack of rear windows, maybe even the roof mounted air scoop. If you are a good observer you will notice a firewall behind the front seats and intercooler pipes leading to the roof.

See what is going on here?

It is a mid engine Saab 900 Turbo! The engine is located where the Trollhättan engineers never intended it to!

The car retains the stock Saab H-series turbo mill, but it is placed in between the rear wheels, and those wheels are driven by a stock Saab 900 transaxle too!

The car must be a hoot to drive, and the seller indeed says it is. It was supposedly built by a Saab master mechanic in Denver, CO, one of two of its kind. Build quality is unknown, but given the uniqueness of this car perhaps someone here has seen this car before.

The car is currently for sale at the Colorado Springs Craigslist for $2000, which seems a reasonable price for a Saab 900 anyway. Without further details I'll say that if I had $2000 laying around for a fun to drive machine and I lived near Colorado I would get this. Clean her up a bit, give it a proper paint job, a Trionic 5 conversion and push the power to 300-350 hp... sounds like a plan!

My main criticism here is that whoever built this machine lost a great opportunity to make a twin engine Saab!